The Wax Studio

Small batch, modern beeswax candles

Small batch, modern beeswax candles

Small batch, modern beeswax candlesSmall batch, modern beeswax candles
Photo by Beth Callon @flowerpeoplefarm


I've loved making candles since I was a little kid. Especially hand-dipping cotton wicks over and over again until they create beeswax tapers. I've always loved beeswax because of its sweet honey aroma  & warm glow. A few years ago, I realized that maybe I could turn a love of making candles...... into a business. 

So right there and then, The Wax Studio was born.

I try to reimagine what a beeswax candle can by taking traditional candle designs and making them in black and other colours. I love designing molds and coming up with unique designs.

My Favorite Beeswax Candles

Some of my favorite beeswax candles are the ones made from molds I've developed myself that you can't find anywhere else: 10" tall cone candles, candles moulded from antique bottles, and the tall pillar cast from an actual candle from the 1800s, and a jar candle I designed with a succulent plant.